The Ultimate List of Book Genres

List of Book Genres

If you are a writer, knowing all the different genres is important. Knowing all the book genres will help you understand their content, style, word count, and other fundamental elements. Knowledge of genre is also central to the book’s marketing and will help determine the audience. Thus picking the right genre is immensely important for your book to become a bestseller. And not choosing the right genre can result in low book sales.

So, if you plan to become an author, it is essential to know the difference between each genre. Look into this guide to learn about popular genres.

To begin with, we will be looking into fiction and non-fiction. However, these two can further be divided into many other genres.

What are fiction and non-fiction books?

The works of fiction will be the product of imagination. Actual events or characters can inspire fictional stories, or they can be entirely created from imagination. For instance, the famous fictional world Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is a fictional work. The characters in the book and the place named Hogwarts are not real. They all came from the imagination of the author.

Unlike fictional works, non-fictional works are based on real events or characters. They will be sharing facts and information. Biographies and cookbooks are examples of non-fiction.

Other popular genres in fiction

A fictional work can be classified based on the number of words, like the novella, novelette, short story, or novel. On average, a short story will consist of 7500 words; a novelette will consist of 7500-17,500 words, a novella can be 17,000- 40,0000 words, and a novel will be 40,000 words and more.

You can read further to learn about the most popular classification of the fictional genre.


One of the most popular genres that are very much loved by all readers worldwide is fantasy. The fantasy book will contain elements of magic, mythology, and supernatural elements and will be set in an imaginary world. Harry Potter, The eye of the World by Robert Jordan is an example of fantasy fiction.

Action and adventure


In action and adventure books, the protagonists will be exploring different worlds, crossing dangerous places, facing life-threatening situations, and fighting to protect the world from the devils. Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief by Rick Riordan is the best example.

Science Fiction

Science fiction will also delve into the imaginary world but will deal with scientific advancements, futuristic technology, or alien invasion. This genre will focus on time, travel, space, and other technological advances. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is one of the best examples.


Horror books contain supernatural elements like ghosts, witches, vampires, etc. The Shining by Stephen king is an example of a horror book.


Romance novels are love stories of two people. The book will show the obstacle they faced and how they overcame all of them. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin is an excellent example of Romance.

It is natural for an individual to have a favorite genre. But do not limit yourself to one genre. Instead, explore that vast world of books and live out different lives through those pages.

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