What Is Literary Fiction? A Guide For Writers And Readers

Literary Fiction

Literary fiction is the most intriguing genre of the book world, which is mind-bending for both readers and writers. It is a commercial fiction genre, so readers and writers need to know how it stands out from the rest of the world.

What is literary fiction?

According to avid book readers of all commercial, genre, and literary fiction, the latter is considered one of the classic books that people are made to study at universities, which talk about the different events which occurred on different dates. It involves long prose, metaphors, and slathering symbolism and follows a slow pace narrative. Although some of it is true, there is much more to it.

literary fiction

Literary fiction is a genre of novels that emphasizes theme over plot and considers the importance of style and character.

Characteristics of literary Fiction

Although the definition of literary fiction is true to the books we read today, the ever-changing publishing and the writer’s world keeps altering every year. But, the characters of this genre remain constant, which are as follows:

  • They are character-driven
  • These books explore deeper and darker themes of literature
  • They talk about a political, social, and emotional situation
  • They potentially have an ambiguous ending and are not always a happily ever after
  • It is deeply rooted in reality
  • There are no strict speech marks
  • They do not hold a strict adherence to the structure

Examples of Literary Fiction books

If you’re still confused about what literary fiction’s genre is for its readers, here are a few solid examples you can read and analyze.

To Kill a mockingbird

The book written by Harper Lee is a simple novel. Due to the simple storyline revolving around Tom Robinson and Atticus allows the writer to explore the deeper emotional meaning of the genre, like racial prejudice, the classic fight between good and evil, loss of innocence, lack of institutional trust, and many more. It touches the emotional nerve of the readers, mainly through the depth of the character and not through the plot twists.

simple novel

The Color Purple – by Alice Walker

This is yet another emotional masterpiece of an African American girl who faces hardships in the early 1900s. She writes emotional, fact-driven letters to God, explaining her sorrows and miseries and how she manages to navigate her difficult life with a smile. The book mainly explores the areas of religion, violence, suffering, gender roles, self-discovery, and many more.

The Great Gatsby – Scott Fitzgerald

Although written by Scott Fitzgerald, it is narrated by Nick Carrey, who narrates all the incidents of the author’s life, including his love story in his youth with Daisy Buchanan. It mainly explores the theme of the American Dream, love, power, and much more.

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