The Best Book Podcasts to Listen in 2023

Book Podcasts

If you love to read, you will understand the struggle of being unable to read while walking, riding, biking, or even cooking. One best solution for your book craving is book podcasts. Podcasts are a growing trend that helps people connect with their true selves by listening to similar stories, life experiences, knowledge, and information. By listening to book podcasts, you can keep in touch with your interest all the time.

Here are a few recommendations for book podcasts in 2023 to get you started.

 Book Podcasts

NPR’s Book of the Day

If you’re constantly working about which book to add to your shelf next, this is the best one yet, which provides 15-minute daily insights on new boos, current trending books, and the life of different authors and their news, keeping you in touch with the book world. You can also explore and learn about different genres, book styles, new authors, and many more.


It is a podcast and a website that is an informational site for avid readers to read about the different books in the market, interviews, their recommendations, and the life updates of your favorite authors. Adam, the host of the show, gives in-depth insights about the author, the book, and what inspired the author to write about it. This is the best podcast if you love reading even the Acknowledgement section of a book.

The Maris Review

What better way to learn and keep in touch with books than from a reader, writer, author, and fan? Maris Kreiman is all of the above, and she is also a natural critic. Her insights are meaningful and provide in-depth information about different genres of books that you might miss you. On her podcast, she not only talks about the storyline of different new and old books but also provides insights and inside information on the author’s life – the stories they like, the movies, the food, the links they have clicked, and many more.

The Book Review

If you need a formal podcast approach, this is the one for you. The New York Times Book Review is one of the famous book-reviewing podcasts on almost all platforms. This is a podcast channel that complements their coverage. Each week, they interview different authors and talk about their book’s storylines and everything else with the host Pamela Paul. They also provide insights into the happenings of the literary world, which is intriguing to know as an avid reader.

The Book Review


This is worth a listen if you have been meaning to pick up a few books for your next read. It is hosted by Craig Getting and Andrew Cunningham, who share on a weekly episode what they are reading. They do not shy away from complaining if they do not like the book, and the same goes for encouraging people to follow a particular series of books.

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