New Fiction Books To Read This Season

Fiction Books

Fiction books are like an escape from reality which helps readers dive into the author’s minds and understand the story from their perspective. If you’re a person who loves to step into the world of fantasy and explore new ideas and storylines, then here is a list of the new fiction books you cannot miss out in 2023.

Beck by Sarah May

If you’re driven by women’s power and support the same, Beck is the book for you! It revolves around the character Becky, who struggles to climb her career ladder during the 1990s. It was the era when celebrities were considered God, and we were working for a leading newspaper company. However, for Becky, despite her struggles in excelling, something from her past tends to hold her back and prevent her from taking her dream job. If you wish to know what happened in her past and how the events changed their course, you have to own and read the book now!

Exiles by Jane Harper

If you dread The Dry by Jane Harper, this book follows suit, which talks about a small-town detective named Aaron Falk, a character from The Dry who returns in Exiles. A young mother disappears one night at a fair. However, Aaron finds it intriguing and mostly suspects that it is t not just a regular missing-person case. It has much more to it. The novel has heart-pounding twists, leaving the readers in shock at the end. Once you’re done with the book, you will recommend it to friends and family and discuss it in every book club!

Exiles by Jane Harper

To Paradise  by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara is the author of A Little Life. The novel follows a dreamy storyline about love, family, loss, and many others in the 80s setting. A young family member in New York falls in love with charismatic music streams. When AIDS hit Manhattan in 1993, this Hawaiian man tried to hide his family background and disappeared; now, it is up to the woman to discover the mysteries he has been hiding from and about his disappearance. With the author’s literary genuineness, she demonstrates a truly powerful script, weaving three different stories together with deepening themes.

Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King

Ily King is the acclaimed author of Euphoria, who is known for her amazing acclaimed writing of her short stories, giving them a realistic touch. In this novel, a bookseller cannot hide his feelings for his employee. The girl is taken care of by her grandparents and a college couple. If you’re interested in spiced romance with surreal hints, honesty, and love, this is the right book to explore in 2023, which you can pre-order on most book listing websites.

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