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Elena Vanishing
Elena Vanishing

The Review of Elena Vanishing

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Elena, a seventeen-year-old, is dissipating. Every day implies a fresh commitment, which results in fewer calories. This is the tale of a young woman who fights anorexia on both ends of a lose-lose conflict, turning Read More


New Fiction Books To Read This Season

Fiction Books

Fiction books are like an escape from reality which helps readers dive into the author’s minds and understand the story from their perspective. If you’re a person who loves to step into the world of fantasy and explore new ideas and storylines, then here is a list of the new fiction books you cannot miss out in 2023.

Beck by Sarah May

If you’re driven by women’s power and support the same, Beck is the book for you! It revolves around the character Becky, who struggles to climb her career ladder during the 1990s. It was the era when celebrities were considered God, and we were working for a leading newspaper company. However, for Becky, despite her struggles in excelling, something from her past tends to hold her back and prevent her from taking her dream job. If you wish to know what happened in her past and how the events changed their course, you have to own and read the book now!

Exiles by Jane Harper

If you dread The Dry by Jane Harper, this book follows suit, which talks about a small-town detective named Aaron Falk, a character from The Dry who returns in Exiles. A young mother disappears one night at a fair. However, Aaron finds it intriguing and mostly suspects that it is t not just a regular missing-person case. It has much more to it. The novel has heart-pounding twists, leaving the readers in shock at the end. Once you’re done with the book, you will recommend it to friends and family and discuss it in every book club!

Exiles by Jane Harper

To Paradise  by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara is the author of A Little Life. The novel follows a dreamy storyline about love, family, loss, and many others in the 80s setting. A young family member in New York falls in love with charismatic music streams. When AIDS hit Manhattan in 1993, this Hawaiian man tried to hide his family background and disappeared; now, it is up to the woman to discover the mysteries he has been hiding from and about his disappearance. With the author’s literary genuineness, she demonstrates a truly powerful script, weaving three different stories together with deepening themes.

Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King

Ily King is the acclaimed author of Euphoria, who is known for her amazing acclaimed writing of her short stories, giving them a realistic touch. In this novel, a bookseller cannot hide his feelings for his employee. The girl is taken care of by her grandparents and a college couple. If you’re interested in spiced romance with surreal hints, honesty, and love, this is the right book to explore in 2023, which you can pre-order on most book listing websites.

Key Tips To Make A Perfect Book Cover Design

Perfect Book

Before people read what’s inside a book, they look at its cover design and texture. It is one of the key factors in attracting customers who are still skeptical of what they wish to read. Readers generally shop with their eyes and often search for familiarity or surprises. Irrespective of the content inside, readers often look for a book they can proudly hold on the subway and catch the eyes of another avid reader. A good book cover design will determine the reader’s interest in the book. However, before you begin to design your book cover, you need to consider the following:

The author and their brand

The cover design must do justice to the author and the book’s tone. If the book is for youngsters, it should have a cover design and theme that will catch their interest.


The genre or the style of the book

Commercial fiction books fall under romance, fantasy, thriller, science-fiction, and fantasy. The cover design styles for these genres were decided decades ago. However, you can always customize it, sticking to certain design standards. For instance, mystical characters and planets represent science fiction, a couple on the cover page implies romance, and so on.

The location of the selling

The place where a book is sold is an underrated concept and greatly impacts the design strategy. For instance, if you are selling books on Amazon or other online platforms, you need to have a slightly better design process with bigger fonts, and so on.

Information to collect

In addition to the points mentioned above, it is also important for you to collect information on the following:

  • The format refers to the text’s size, color, and font. Formats can also include the book cover format like paperback, casebound, and hardback.
  • The copy of the book, which includes blurbs, endorsements, front and back copies
  • Graphics play an important role in deciding the tone of the book. Graphics of company and publisher logos, barcodes, and others which are essential for selling in stores
  • Budgeting of the design adds up to all the design processes in the front and back cover. It will also include stock images, ISBN identifiers, font licenses, and barcodes.

Step involved in designing a perfect book cover

Once all the information is gathered, it is important to follow a systematic pattern that involves the following steps:

  • Understanding all the elections of the cover, even the ones connected to the spine
  • Researching the market for trends and setting prices for what kind of designs are selling
  • Choosing a design direction to fit into the author’s vision and style
  • Working and reworking to figure out which design works the best
  • Choosing the best fonts and graphics
  • Knowing what the printer will need
  • Collection valuable feedback

Book Reviews: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Book Reviews

If you love reading books and are intrigued by reading about different books, then you know the importance of book reviews. Imagine you read a book, and you find it absolutely worthless, and you wish to share your experience with others, then you write a book review for other readers to understand whether or not they wish to read the books.

According to, a book review refers to analyzing the book’s subject matter, context, strengths, and weaknesses. It is also alternatively called a book report or a book critique. When writing a book review, you summarise the book or provide your critical review and point of view after reading it. Irrespective of how other readers perceive it, you need to confidently say your thoughts and opinions, which also adds a personal taste and makes your review stand out from the others. This also means you agree or disagree with the author, but your thoughts should be solely based on what is already written.

Why book reviews are important

One of the primary reasons to write a book review is to enhance the book’s visibility, which enhances the probability of a reader finding your book online. This will especially help new writers to gain exposure. In addition, selling a book is like a business for an author, and increasing their popularity will help enhance their credibility in the literary field.

If you aim to be a book reviewer, you have to keep some things in mind that will help you write the best and most insightful book reviews.



There are millions of books, either on the net or offline. If you need to review a book, you must first know and understand what the book is about! Also, by reading more, you will also be able to write faster and better.

Specialize in a particular genre

It is important to choose your personal favorite. Then, select your genre by picking two or three different types and focus on reading books only from those genres. By narrowing your options, you can stick to the jargon of that particular genre without drifting your focus elsewhere.

Review books for free

If your goal is to become a professional book reviewer, you need to start reviewing books for free! You can use sites like Amazon on Goodreads, which are the top in the bookworm community. It can be as short as five lines of review which can be super helpful for other readers. Once you start wiring a good number of reviews, you can also look for paid options and services which offer capital according to your talent.

Host your reviews

Make a list or a website with different kinds of book reviews. Post your best work there, or create a site dedicated to your book reviews.

Best Thrillers That’ll Keep You Turning The Page

Best Thrillers

If you love the suspense genre and you’re bored of watching suspense movies, reading books are one of the best hobbies you can develop. Mystery thrillers and suspense books are the most-sol genres of the boo work, which can keep readers captivated for hours. It will get your heart pumping and wanting to know what happens next!

We have your back if you’re looking for the best recommendations in the thriller genre!

 Long Bright River

 Long Bright River – Liz Moore

The story revolves around two sisters who reside in a Philadelphia neighborhood and face an opioid crisis. While Micky is a police officer, Kacey lies on the other side of the law, struggling with marijuana addiction. One night Kacey disappears and goes missing for several days, and her sister is hell-bent on finding her, irrespective of the cost. The book is a perfect example of propulsive mystery, providing intimate touches on emotion, family, addiction, and an emotional tie that binds everyone together.

The Other Black Girl – Zakiya Dalila Harris

Nella Rogers is the only black employee at her publishing company. She gets extremely excited when she is joined by another black woman who starts working in a cubical beside her. However, things take a slightly different turn, and the other black woman goes into a competitive spirit. At the same time, someone starts sending Nella threatening notes asking her to leave the company. The book is a personal experience of the author, leaving people excited to turn pages and read the rest of the story. It also digs into the microaggressions which make the workplace and environment toxic.

Grown – Tifanny D Jackson

Enchanted Jones is an aspiring song artist, who falls head over heels in love with Korey Fields, a legendary R&b artist, just when she is about to achieve her career success. Unfortunately, she spirals into a toxic relationship with Fields, who turns out to be possessive and controlling. The nightmare love story continues until she finds him dead and her hands filled with blood. Jones has no memory of the incidents of the previous night, which makes the book all the more interesting. The book, along with thriller suspense, also provides insights into powerful cultural insights, which will get the readers hooked till the end.


Blue Bird, Blue Bird – Attica Locke

The book centers around Darren Mathews, who resides in Texas. The book revolves around rampant racism which prevails in the region. One day Mathews travels to Highway 59 to find a black lawyer and a white woman murdered. This is when the story forces him to confront his racism. Irrespective of who tries to stop him, he is hell-bent on solving the murder mystery of the two. The book was published in 2017 and is still considered one of the most intriguing crime novels.

Best Mystery & Thriller Books For 2022 (New & Anticipated)

Thriller Books

Mystery and thriller are one of the juiciest genres, which hook readers to the edge of their seats every time they read a book of that genre. Over the years, this type of book has only improved by making the storyline better by the day.

If you’re an avid fan of the mystery genre, here are the best mystery and thriller books of 2022 that you can read and enjoy

Jackal – Erin E Adams

Jackal – Erin E Adams

This book talks about the character Liz and the struggles she faces while visiting her hometown in Pennsylvania. She visits there for her best friend’s wedding, but during that time, the bride’s daughter is missing, which reminds her of the missing black girl in her high school. The storyline takes a serious twist from here and her struggles and mysteries in trying to find the missing girl.

More than you’ll ever know – Katie Gutierrez

It is one of the best true-crime classics, which will set you in the mood to solve the crime by yourself in the real world. It talks about a woman who was secretly married to two men until they found out and shot one of her husbands. The main character here is Cassie Brown, who is willing to tell her audience her murder story of the affair.

The Family Game – Catherine Steadman

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, then this is the book for you! The storyline revolves around two newly engaged couples – Edward and Harriet. While Harriet loves the family of the former, it is not for long until someone slips in a cassette, which sets her in the mood to hunt for truth and the deadly game soon begins to creep into the storyline.

Killers of Certain Age – Deanna Raybourn

The three characters – Mary Alice, Billie, and Natalie are about to retire characters who are 60 years old and spent most of their lives working in the museum. They are sent on a retirement vacation when they realize they’re the targets of the museum, and they must turn their backs on their own organization to save their lives and survive in the wild.

The Violin Conspiracy – Brendan Slocumb

The story revolves around the main character Ray McMillan who is determined to become a professional musician and soon realizes that he has a massive amount of heirlooms from his family. Once he achieves it, his stardom begins to take a huge turn, and he becomes nationally and internationally famous. However, this stardom does not last long as someone from the past tries to take away what is rightfully his!

The Violin Conspiracy

The family remains – Lisa Jewel.

In this Nobel, the main characters are three unconnected people who set out on three different adventures to solve their own mysteries. This book is sometimes considered as a sale to the other bestsellers, the family upstairs. However, both of them can be read as separate thrillers. In this novel, the main characters are three unconnected people who set out on three different adventures to solve their own mysteries. This book is sometimes considered as a sale to the other bestsellers, the family upstairs. However, both of them can be read as separate thrillers.

Ways To Build A Habit Of Reading Books

Reading Books

Reading books can help you learn new things, increase your vocabulary, increase focus and concentration, and improve your memory. Many claims that they would like to make reading a habit but find it difficult to do so owing to time constraints. It’s not too overdue to start reading regularly if that’s something you want to do. You could create a lifelong habit of reading by taking simple recommendations.

Reading books 

Set a target or goal

Setting a goal is a smart way to spur oneself on to read more. You could, for instance, decide to read a specific number of books or pages this year, and then work toward achieving that goal. You must plan reading time for your day if you want to guarantee that you read every day. Reading can be done at any time, including firstly in the morning, over the journey, just before bed, and even at lunch.

Build a reading list

Making a list of the books you want to read is a good place to start. A list of books you ought to read to learn more about a subject or area of study that interests you, for instance, or a shortlist of books or novels you’ve often liked to read but haven’t had the chance to. You have the option of using lists that different individuals have made in addition to making your own. Additionally, there is a ton of various listings available online.

Put down any books that don’t inspire you

One fact about books is that reading them takes the same amount of time whether you enjoy them or not and whether they have a lasting impact on your life. Give the book you purchased a try. Of course. Possibly continue reading if you still think it will be good after all. But don’t go back to it if you’re not interested in doing so. You should be reading that truly improves your outlook, and if you change your mind later, you can always pick up the book you put down again. When you have the opportunity to view the big picture, you’d be astonished at how amazing books are.

Find a reading companion

To assist you to hold yourself accountable for achieving your reading objectives, you can also find a reading buddy. This person could be a close friend, your partner, or a work colleague. With your reading buddy, you can begin reading or perusing the same book and talk about it either as you go along or after you have both finished it.


Locate a reading area

You know that spot where you feel comfortable and there aren’t many outside distractions? Perhaps you should focus on reading your upcoming book without being sidetracked. The fact that it is fresh and requires little to be comfortable is the most intriguing aspect. It might be a spot in your home, a bookstore, or even a square in your community. It is crucial to have a place where you feel secure to begin new readings.

The Ultimate List of Book Genres

List of Book Genres

If you are a writer, knowing all the different genres is important. Knowing all the book genres will help you understand their content, style, word count, and other fundamental elements. Knowledge of genre is also central to the book’s marketing and will help determine the audience. Thus picking the right genre is immensely important for your book to become a bestseller. And not choosing the right genre can result in low book sales.

So, if you plan to become an author, it is essential to know the difference between each genre. Look into this guide to learn about popular genres.

To begin with, we will be looking into fiction and non-fiction. However, these two can further be divided into many other genres.

What are fiction and non-fiction books?

The works of fiction will be the product of imagination. Actual events or characters can inspire fictional stories, or they can be entirely created from imagination. For instance, the famous fictional world Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is a fictional work. The characters in the book and the place named Hogwarts are not real. They all came from the imagination of the author.

Unlike fictional works, non-fictional works are based on real events or characters. They will be sharing facts and information. Biographies and cookbooks are examples of non-fiction.

Other popular genres in fiction

A fictional work can be classified based on the number of words, like the novella, novelette, short story, or novel. On average, a short story will consist of 7500 words; a novelette will consist of 7500-17,500 words, a novella can be 17,000- 40,0000 words, and a novel will be 40,000 words and more.

You can read further to learn about the most popular classification of the fictional genre.


One of the most popular genres that are very much loved by all readers worldwide is fantasy. The fantasy book will contain elements of magic, mythology, and supernatural elements and will be set in an imaginary world. Harry Potter, The eye of the World by Robert Jordan is an example of fantasy fiction.

Action and adventure


In action and adventure books, the protagonists will be exploring different worlds, crossing dangerous places, facing life-threatening situations, and fighting to protect the world from the devils. Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief by Rick Riordan is the best example.

Science Fiction

Science fiction will also delve into the imaginary world but will deal with scientific advancements, futuristic technology, or alien invasion. This genre will focus on time, travel, space, and other technological advances. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is one of the best examples.


Horror books contain supernatural elements like ghosts, witches, vampires, etc. The Shining by Stephen king is an example of a horror book.


Romance novels are love stories of two people. The book will show the obstacle they faced and how they overcame all of them. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin is an excellent example of Romance.

It is natural for an individual to have a favorite genre. But do not limit yourself to one genre. Instead, explore that vast world of books and live out different lives through those pages.

Difference between Fiction & Nonfiction Genres? Explained!

Fiction & Nonfiction Genres

When you say that you love reading books, one of the first questions that you will encounter is whether you are into fiction or non-fiction. So, what exactly are fiction and non-fiction? One of the simplest distinctions between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction is a product of imagination while the latter is based on facts.

But if you want to understand the genre more, you may look into this guide to delve into fictional and non-fiction genres and understand them better.

What is Fiction?

Who doesn’t like the vast adventurous, yet mysterious world of Hogwarts as depicted by J K Rowling, or who won’t like to explore the beautiful and innocent world that is portrayed in Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Weren’t you sucked into a mysterious world when you watched the Lord of the Rings? As we can see, none of these works are objective and not based on facts. They are mere products of the wild imagination power of the human mind.

Stories that come into life due to the massive power of imagination is classified as fiction. Fiction need not be stories always. They can take different shapes like novels, poems, plays, prose, etc. Our boundless imagination has given birth to different genres like romance, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror, historical, magic realism, women’s fiction, young adult, speculative and more.


One of the most striking aspects of fiction that make it the most popular genre is that it is boundless. The author has the power to create a world that does not exist and come up with plots, characters, and backgrounds from pure imagination. Even though the author has created a world from his imagination, the audience has the power to interpret it in their way. Readers can delve deeper and color it with their own imagination and emotions.

What is non-fiction?

One of the simplest and most direct ways to define non-fiction is that they are based on facts. Biographies, memoirs, essays, academic texts, historical books, etc fall under the category of non-fiction. Unlike the fiction genre which is solely based on imagination, the fictional genre will be written by an expert after thorough research and investigation. If the facts are not checked and they give a distorted reality, the author will land in much trouble.

If you are writing a work of non-fiction, do not try to spice things up with your imagination or innovation. Give hundred percent accurate facts and remember that there is no room for inaccuracies in non-fiction. Also if you are taking some quotes or concepts from other writers, make sure to mention references.

If you are an ardent book lover, you can try reading both of these genres. Even though you will have your favorite, each genre will provide a unique flavor and expand your horizon in different directions.

The Best Fiction Books that Your Kids Must Read

Fiction Books

These classic children’s masterpieces, which span the decades 1870 to 200s, are all must-reads for readers of all ages. Here is a handful of the top ten kids’ literature in English.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll were the masters of Victorian nonsense literature, Lewis Carroll is renowned for his novel Alice in Wonderland. His July 1862 ship excursion from Oxford served as inspiration for the tale, which was originally printed in 1865.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

American author Lyman disliked the gore in several kid’s fairy tales. To give kids something like fairy-tale literature that wasn’t filled with terror was what drove him to create this story. The novel is a typical case of young-adult children’s fiction.


The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

The Railway Youngsters, Nesbit’s best work, concentrates on a subject that permeates all of her famous pieces: kids experiencing a sense of “wonder” and action in the reality surrounding them. Owing to the author’s capacity to make the audience feel for the protagonists, the book has become a masterpiece of children’s stories.

Wind in the Willows, written by Kenneth Grahame

Although Grahame attempted to locate a publisher for The Wind in the Willows, Theodore Roosevelt, the President of the United States of America, provided his backing, and Grahame presented the manuscript to him. Thanks to Roosevelt’s assistance, the book was released and fans of all generations have liked it.

Peter Rabbit: A Tale by Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, about a cunning tiny ferret who intrudes Mr. McGregor’s garden, was rejected by several companies, so Potter self-published two hundred and fifty volumes. It ranks among the all-time finest novels and has fifty million copies sold globally.

Millions of youngsters throughout the world have grown to love A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh Pooh and his companions Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, and Owl (whose nickname is spelled “Wol”). The narratives were interwoven with a subtle quick wit that prevented them from ever becoming excessively emotional.

The Tale

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

The Last Battle, the seventh book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, was written by novelist C.S. Lewis after finishing the very first. Lewis threw out the draught after hearing the critique and started over. The similar method has never yet gone without publication.

The Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

This is White’s finest novel, which chronicles the strange agricultural connection between a pig named Wilbur and a tarantula called Charlotte. White is the writer of many adored children’s books. The Harry Potter books which debuted on the New York Times bestseller lists about 50 years later, was the final book for children to do so.

Best Nonfictional Books of all Time

Nonfictional Books

When we think of books, majority of the people prefer fictional one. The wide world of imagination that enable readers to visit vast and beautiful land, know various aspect of life, and understand numerous human emotions have made fictional books a favorite of all readers across the world. And one of the major arguments that people say for liking fictional works is that they are very interesting, unlike the dry and boring non-fictional genre. Even though there is no doubt that fictional literature is interesting, are non-fictional books boring and dry?

If you are one of those readers who think that non-fictional works are not interesting, you may check out these non-fictional books that will hook you in the seats and let you explore a range of subjects that are very relevant to our world. These books will surely quench the thirst of all the curious minds out there and will make you change your opinion regarding non-fictional books being lifeless.

Crying in H Mart, Michelle Zauner

If you think that non-fictional works lack emotions, then this remarkably honest book, written by the founder of indie-rock band Japanese breakfast Michelle Zauner will change your mind. The book portrayed the raw emotions and bond between a mother and a daughter. When the author was 25-year-old, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The illness and her mother’s quick demise made Zauner introspect into her life and her relationship with her Korean culture. The book is about the author’s search to find herself and the influences that shape her personality. The animated narrative way of her mother’s journey through chemotherapy and ruminating about various dishes that her mother cook, will take the readers through an emotional rollercoaster.

Invisible Child, Andrea Elliott

Invisible Child

In this book, the Pulitzer Prize winner, Andria Elliot follows the life of Dasani for eight years. Through Invisible Child, the author has portrayed the heart-wrenching situation of slavery and the Great Migration. Through Dasani, a girl with a very creative mind, the author has painted the different worlds of rich and poor and explores New York City’s homeless crisis. Dasani through her sheer willpower helps her siblings in a world that is surrounded by hunger, racism, and, drugs. This book will help you explore intense topics like homelessness and racism in a city that is surrounded by glamor and wealth.

Aftershocks, Nadia Owusu

In Aftershocks, the author explores her feeling of rootlessness and takes us through her concept of family and home. Being born in Tanzania and later moving around the globe from England to Italy to Ethiopia, Owusu is not able to figure out where she belongs to. Thus, this book takes us on an emotional journey through her childhood and explores her inner feelings.

So, read these books to explore the wide non-fictional world and taste its unique flavor.



New Fiction Books To Read This Season

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Fiction books are like an escape from reality which helps readers dive into the author’s minds and understand the story from their perspective. If you’re a person who loves to step into the world of Read More