The Best Suspense Books of all Times

Suspense Books

Thriller and suspense are one of the most loved book genres, with nail-biting moments that keep you wondering at night. The main reasons for the so much love gained by this genre are the compelling storylines and development of the character’s narratives, which makes it interesting how the story unfolds.

If you’re an avid book reader and love to read different kinds of suspense books, here is a list you cannot miss!

And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

The book’s main theme is keeping secrets and exploring human nature. The book talks about ten major characters, all known to each other, who meet on an isolated island on the coast of Devon. The story turns interesting when one by one, they start dying, and it is up to the remaining few survivors to figure out the secret behind these murders.

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

If you’re looking for psychological thriller books, this is hands down the best one in the book market. With nerve-chilling facts and a gripping storyline, it will keep the readers up at night and wondering what the ending will be like!

The main character in the book is Theo Faber, who is a famous psychotherapist in the story. He treats Alicia Berenson as a “murder” of her husband, who goes silent after the incident. However, what happened the night of the murder is for readers to find out!

The Silent Patient

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

If you’re looking for a book with a twist and turns on every page of the story, this book is for you! It is a mind-bending masterclass in the psychological suspense genre. It revolves around the main character Nick Dunne, who finds out his wife, is missing when he is on a five-day business trip. So he goes on a mission to find his missing wife along with his wife’s twin sister. However, what happened during those five days is a thriller, and the book explains it from both perspectives, which is worth a read.

The Woman At The Window – A.J Finn

It is one of the most classic and the best thriller novels. The storyline revolves around Anna Fox, who resides alone in a New York City home and often cannot venture outside. She picks up a paintbrush to follow her passion after losing her daughter, who was lost ten years ago. Everything seems normal until she sees something at the window, and she has to take bold steps to prevent murder.

The Girl on the Train – Pula Hawkins

Rachel travels on a train, fantasizing about her married life after her divorce, after she sees a couple through the train window, living happily. However, one day she sees something weird in the house, which changes her perception, and her world spirals out of her control horrifyingly.

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