Book Reviews: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Book Reviews

If you love reading books and are intrigued by reading about different books, then you know the importance of book reviews. Imagine you read a book, and you find it absolutely worthless, and you wish to share your experience with others, then you write a book review for other readers to understand whether or not they wish to read the books.

According to, a book review refers to analyzing the book’s subject matter, context, strengths, and weaknesses. It is also alternatively called a book report or a book critique. When writing a book review, you summarise the book or provide your critical review and point of view after reading it. Irrespective of how other readers perceive it, you need to confidently say your thoughts and opinions, which also adds a personal taste and makes your review stand out from the others. This also means you agree or disagree with the author, but your thoughts should be solely based on what is already written.

Why book reviews are important

One of the primary reasons to write a book review is to enhance the book’s visibility, which enhances the probability of a reader finding your book online. This will especially help new writers to gain exposure. In addition, selling a book is like a business for an author, and increasing their popularity will help enhance their credibility in the literary field.

If you aim to be a book reviewer, you have to keep some things in mind that will help you write the best and most insightful book reviews.



There are millions of books, either on the net or offline. If you need to review a book, you must first know and understand what the book is about! Also, by reading more, you will also be able to write faster and better.

Specialize in a particular genre

It is important to choose your personal favorite. Then, select your genre by picking two or three different types and focus on reading books only from those genres. By narrowing your options, you can stick to the jargon of that particular genre without drifting your focus elsewhere.

Review books for free

If your goal is to become a professional book reviewer, you need to start reviewing books for free! You can use sites like Amazon on Goodreads, which are the top in the bookworm community. It can be as short as five lines of review which can be super helpful for other readers. Once you start wiring a good number of reviews, you can also look for paid options and services which offer capital according to your talent.

Host your reviews

Make a list or a website with different kinds of book reviews. Post your best work there, or create a site dedicated to your book reviews.

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