Saturday, December 19, 2009

When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me Rebecca Stead

Things have gotten very weird in Miranda's life. Her mom's going to go on $20,000 pyramid. Her best friend since forever doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. Oh, and she's getting really weird notes that tell her what's about to happen. One of the weird notes asks Miranda to write the anonymous note-sender a letter. This book is Miranda's letter, full of anger and bewilderment at what's happening.

I can't say too much about it, because it gets spoilery quickly and it might ruin a large part of the mystery of what the heck is going on here? Now, I knew the major thing before I read the book, and it didn't ruin it for me, but I'm trying to be nice here.

I just loved this book. I loved Miranda's anger at the note-writer for scaring her. I loved the pain and confusion and reasons behind her changing friendship with Sal. I loved her relationship with Julia and how Miranda was so fixated on perceived slights from second grade. I loved how bits and pieces came together to form this amazing puzzle of, well, awesome. Also, I love the fact that Miranda is named after Miranda Rights. So, obviously, I just loved this book. Love love love.

BUT! Read A Wrinkle in Time first. This book should have a spoiler warning for Wrinkle of Time! Big, Huge, Wrinkle in Time spoilers!

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Anonymous said...

I've been planning on reading this, and the fact that it uses Wrinkle in Time makes me want to even more now! Glad to see it seems to live up to the hype.

Anonymous said...

I saw this book on "2009's Best Young Adult Fiction" list at last week. So I went to grab it off the shelf (so convenient, being a librarian) and put it in the "to read" pile on my desk. The next day, I find out another librarian is looking for it (too bad, I grabbed it first!) and that night a volunteer asks about it! I gave it to the volunteer, so now I have to wait to read it. Wrinkle in Time was a favorite of mine growing up, so now that I know there's a tie in I want to read it even more!

Maureen Hume said...

This book is awesome! I love,love, loved it too. First time readers take note of every seemingly inconsequental all means something in the end.