Friday, June 17, 2005

David Lodge makes Everything Better

Point in case:

Yesterday, my man moved away. I will move to where he is in a few months. When he called last night, what did we talk about?

David Lodge.

What is the search string being used to find this blog?

David Lodge. Changing Places.


Um. I like Great Expectations. Does that make me a freak?

Also, at the end of the summer, I launching a new site about the fact I haven't read the classics. It'll rock, I promise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Someone had to be that person

Reading Dan Brown on the airplane.

And it was me.

So... we went to Houston this weekend to see Dan's fam. I was looking forward to a few hours of flights on which to read.

Notice I said "a few hours" NOT "a few days". DID YOU HEAR THAT AMERICAN AIRLINES?!


Anyway... so. ugh.

We land in Chicago at 10.20 (the exact same time we took off, that you very much Mr. TimeZone) only to find that our 12 flight to Houston had been cancelled. And the best they could do was a 4.30 flight to Dallas with a connection to Houston.

Ok. Called up Ruth to see if she wanted to do lunch, as we might as well go into town. She's going to see Nick Hornby read at the Printer's Row Book Fair. Sounds good enough to us.

Dear Nick Hornby's editor and editor of the Tribune's book supplement:

People who are willing to stand around in hot Chicago sun don't give a flying-anything about adaptations into movies, at least, not enough to warrant your first 15 mintues of questioning to be on such a topic. You suck. Bigtime.

Nick Hornby, however, was deligthful.

So we get back to the airport. And our flight to Dallas is delayed delayed delayed.

We realize we'll never make our connection and book ourselves onto the 6.45 flight to Houston.

I finish Brick Lane. I have 2 hours of waiting in the aiport, plus a 2.5 hour flight AND NOTHING TO READ. (As my backup book was in the checked luggage).

I go to the newsagent. And get Angels and Demons.

And then want to cry, because I forgot that the American terminal at O'Hare actually has a bookstore in it. Gargh.

But you know what? I loved Angels and Demons. Was it crap? yes. Was it trash? yes. Was it really hard to put down and as guilty-ily pleasurable as Britney Spears? Damn yes. Was is better than that other book you hate to admit you actually liked, DaVinci Code? Yep.

Brick Lane was also wonderful. Well written. Beautiful. And the ending made me want to cry for its beauty.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Deja Vu

So... I'm reading along in Brick Lane and just *know* I've read this before. But, I know I haven't read Brick Lane yet. What the?

Then I get an image of me reading this on a train. I think harder and place the memory on the train ride from Norwich back the Manchester.

Think harder.

I was reading Granta. The only issue I've ever really read is the best of young British Novelists 2003. Hmmmm...

Go to the book shelf. Yep. Monica Ali. Chapter 1 has been edited and passed off as a short story. I *have* read this before, but just that bit.

Which makes me feel like this is cheating. Brick Lane had already come out and the point was to write a new short story. They talk about how hard it is for novelists to write short stories. Obviously, Ali failed. It taints it somehow.

I'm still really enjoying Brick Lane though. I just feel the author has lost a little street cred.