Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TBR Challenge: Pregnant by the Rival CEO

Pregnant by the Rival CEO Karen Booth

Yay! I joined the TBR Challenge this year! January's theme is Shorts, so category or novellas. I went with a brand new category that I just bought, so it wouldn't stay on Mt. TBR too long.

Anna's father recently died, leaving the family company to her brother. Adam promised Anna he'd step aside and let her be CEO, but he's dragging his feet as he's not dealing well with his grief. Meanwhile, the company is floundering. Anna has a lead on some hot new tech that could change everything, but the only way to it is Jacob Lin.

Jacob Lin, who rejected her 6 years ago and has only gotten hotter. Jacob Lin, Adam's former BFF, now very public enemy. Jacob Lin, who's planning revenge on Adam through a hostile takeover of the company.

When Jacob and Anna meet, years of unresolved sexual tension make things go steamy and fast. (Turns out when he rejected Anna because of his friendship with Adam, it wasn't an excuse, he's just the type of guy who knows that hooking up with your best friend's little sister is skeevy.)*

And then Anna finds out about the takeover and ends everything.

And then Anna finds out that even though some weird scar tissue from her appendectomy has pretty much left her infertile, she's pregnant.

Bum bum bum!

Ok, I loved this. Anna and Jacob are both such adults! They are driven and successful in their careers. Their conflict is real and they talk to each other when they need to. The drama is pretty much just business (literally.) And, as much as I hate a miracle baby, I like the way that even though it was a miracle, it was super unplanned and threw everything off for both of them. (Also, I think it was the only way for a surprise pregnancy that would fit with both of their characters. They are responsible and on top of things. There is a condom break, but I think if Anna's reaction hadn't been "It's ok, I'm infertile" it would have been "It's ok, we'll get some Plan B in the morning.")

One of the things I love about category is due to the shortened page-count, a lot of the 'not talking to each other like adults' gets cut because there's no space for drawn out drama. I also enjoyed Anna's best friend Holly, who gives Anna the right advice when she needs it and Anna takes it.

More adults in romance, please! More external drama, less "I can't talk about my feelings."

Solid all around.

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