Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's kinda crazy how amazingly wonderful awesome this weekend was. Lots of good ideas and tips and inspiration. And gimlets. There were also lots of good gimlets.

I changed a few things in my FAQ and disclosure statements based on things I learned. I also learned how to add some text to every post to remind me about the things I always need or want to disclose. (I deleted it for this post though, because it wasn't relevant.)

The first two things were things I learned in panels and talks by fellow bloggers (and an FTC rep! Who was really nice and prepared and answered all our questions!) and the last was something I learned in just chatting.

I got to put faces with blogs and talk to this great community and just had a really good time.

And even after I fangirl squeeed all over Elizabeth Scott, she still got in a car that had me behind the wheel! MULTIPLE TIMES.

I should say more but I'm still processing a lot of it, and got thrown head first into some big things in real life (seriously, 4 conferences in 2 weeks is a little insane, even if they are all mostly awesome ones.)

The only bad thing is that now I can't NOT go next year.

One thing that was stressed was giving credit where credit is due, so a big round of applause for MotherReader for organizing such an awesome weekend.

Also, the theme across many panels was good advice for all--the internet is public and forever. Behave.

Oh, and on more thing, I apologize to all the out-of-towners. Monday and today have been absolutely gorgeous!


Liz B said...

I had a lot of fun in DC (even with the bad weather).

Melissa said...

I heard that about the weather. Sigh. I had a grand time meeting you, though.