Monday, September 07, 2009

Mount TBR/ where I blog

So, Greg over at The Happy Accident wanted pictures of our TBR piles. It took me a few days to gather mine and move it up to the guest room bed (which was the only place in the house large enough that I could take over for a few days).

These books fit into the following categories:

1. Books I have purchased or otherwise acquired but haven't read yet.
2. Books Dan has purchased or otherwise acquired that I would also like to read.
3. Books that have been sent for review that I want to read and review.
4. Books I have checked out from the library.

There are about 400 books...

Here's a closer shot of my book headboard:

And here's a closer shot of the books along the wall:

Also, a few weeks ago, Abby (the) Librarian asked us for pictures of where we blog. Everyone has such nice blogging spaces! Technically, there is a desk in the guest room and that's where I should be blogging. But, then I'm away from the general action of the house, so most blogging takes place at my kitchen table:

To the left is my pile of books to review and my all-important cup of coffee. Then my lap top, a tube of aloe vera (because I stupidly forgot to wear sunscreen to the Nationals game yesterday and am now bright red) an empty bag of sugar snap peas (blogging requires nutritious snacks!) my currently-reading pile, my date book, and my reading logs and notes I made while reading the help the reviewing process. Also, random computer cords.

We'll get back to book reviews soon!


Hazra said...

Oh my goodness me! That is really scary. My Mount TBR is mostly in the form of ebooks, so it doesn't daunt me that much.

Caroline Starr Rose said...