Sunday, February 22, 2009

Info, please

Ok, here are a bunch of questions, most not at all book related, but if you can help, help me out.

I just found a note to myself that says "fairy challenge." Due to the context of the note, it looks like this is in reference to a reading challenge that I have signed up for. However, I can't think of what fairy (fairy tale?) challenges I have signed up for. But it sounds like something I would sign up for. Is there a challenge currently going on right now? Little help?

I have lately been getting back into crafts that I haven't done since elementary school. Sadly, the craft store left me disappointed. I am looking for kits for cross stitch and latch hook. Also possibly punch needle. The thing is, they need to be non-lame. I love Subversive Cross Stitch and am currently working on one of their products, but am looking for something a little more complicated.

I'm looking for kits that are a long the lines of what you would find at Subversive, or Sublime Stitching, or maybe even Bothy Threads. Eventually, I will just design my own stuff, but I want a few kits to get my mad skillz back into shape.

Meanwhile, I'm doing lots and lots of reading and scratching puppy ears...


Ana S. said...

Hmmm...there was a Twisted Fairy Tales challenge, but that was last year. Can't think of any running this year.

tanita✿davis said...

Mmm... is it a craft challenge? Because the Funky Fairy thing just got over with. That's my random thought thrown out there.

Thank you for the subversive cross-stitchery site. I am now amused.