Best Nonfictional Books of all Time

Nonfictional Books

When we think of books, majority of the people prefer fictional one. The wide world of imagination that enable readers to visit vast and beautiful land, know various aspect of life, and understand numerous human emotions have made fictional books a favorite of all readers across the world. And one of the major arguments that people say for liking fictional works is that they are very interesting, unlike the dry and boring non-fictional genre. Even though there is no doubt that fictional literature is interesting, are non-fictional books boring and dry?

If you are one of those readers who think that non-fictional works are not interesting, you may check out these non-fictional books that will hook you in the seats and let you explore a range of subjects that are very relevant to our world. These books will surely quench the thirst of all the curious minds out there and will make you change your opinion regarding non-fictional books being lifeless.

Crying in H Mart, Michelle Zauner

If you think that non-fictional works lack emotions, then this remarkably honest book, written by the founder of indie-rock band Japanese breakfast Michelle Zauner will change your mind. The book portrayed the raw emotions and bond between a mother and a daughter. When the author was 25-year-old, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The illness and her mother’s quick demise made Zauner introspect into her life and her relationship with her Korean culture. The book is about the author’s search to find herself and the influences that shape her personality. The animated narrative way of her mother’s journey through chemotherapy and ruminating about various dishes that her mother cook, will take the readers through an emotional rollercoaster.

Invisible Child, Andrea Elliott

Invisible Child

In this book, the Pulitzer Prize winner, Andria Elliot follows the life of Dasani for eight years. Through Invisible Child, the author has portrayed the heart-wrenching situation of slavery and the Great Migration. Through Dasani, a girl with a very creative mind, the author has painted the different worlds of rich and poor and explores New York City’s homeless crisis. Dasani through her sheer willpower helps her siblings in a world that is surrounded by hunger, racism, and, drugs. This book will help you explore intense topics like homelessness and racism in a city that is surrounded by glamor and wealth.

Aftershocks, Nadia Owusu

In Aftershocks, the author explores her feeling of rootlessness and takes us through her concept of family and home. Being born in Tanzania and later moving around the globe from England to Italy to Ethiopia, Owusu is not able to figure out where she belongs to. Thus, this book takes us on an emotional journey through her childhood and explores her inner feelings.

So, read these books to explore the wide non-fictional world and taste its unique flavor.


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