Sunday, March 04, 2018

Taps Mic... is this thing still on?

Hello? Still there?

It's been almost two years since I last posted here. In the last few months I've really missed this blog, both as a record of my reading life, but also creating it. I've been struggling with what this blog would look like ever since it turned 10 and I had some burnout and committee work and professional reviewing have changed the nature of what I can post. I don't have any good answers to that right now, so we'll see!

There's some new stuff going on since my last post.

A few weeks after my last post, I had a baby! (So now I have one in elementary school and a toddler. Life is not at all crazy!)

I transferred to a new position in my library system. I'm now in my dream job of collection development, which is super fun. (The super basic explanation of what I do is I buy the books for the library. There's a team of us, and I'm in charge of the titles for younger readers. I also do ao lot to promote the collection-- remember when I made all those booklists? I get to do that now as part of my day job.)

Committee work! I was on the Margaret A Edwards Award Committee-- be sure to read all of Angela Johnson's work--it's amazing. I also got to chair the Junior/Senior High Nonfiction Committee for the CYBILS again this year. I was also a 2nd round judge.

I also picked up some new reviewing things. So I am now regularly reviewing for School Library Journal, Library Journal, and Booklist. I love reviewing when someone assigns me books, as it has me discovering titles I might not have otherwise picked up.

Anyway, stay tuned for more book-related content!

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Jennifer said...

I'm still here, just waiting for your words of wisdom to return (-:)

DougWheeler said...

I am happy to see this returning and look forward more as it comes.