Sunday, March 11, 2018

Reading Goals for the Year Pt. 1

Seems I'm currently not on an award committee, I can a lot more choice in what books I get to read this year. It's very exciting.

As such, this year I set my reading goal bars fairly low-- I want my free choice reading to continue to feel like a free choice. (There are some caveats-- there is a staff reading challenge at work this year designed to get everyone to read outside their comfort zone, a lot is dictated by reviewing, etc.) But, there are a few areas I want to improve in--mainly making sure I am reading diversely and reading books I own. So, concrete goals:

1. 40% of my reading should be by or about people who are non-white, religious but non-Christian, LGBTQIA+, neuro-atypical, or physically disabled.
2. 10 books should be translated into English from another language.
3. 20% of my reading should be books that I own. (This not include ARCs. It does include books that I haven't purchased yet.)

Based on my reading stats from last year, these all require a bit of stretching, but are totally doable. With much of my reading assigned by committee work, I still managed to have 35% of my reading be diverse and 15% be books I own. I read 6 translated books.

Doing the math for the first two months of the year, 48% of my reading has been diverse, 15% has been stuff I own, and I've read 1 book in translation.

What are your reading goals this year?

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