Sunday, March 20, 2016

#TBRChallenge : Serving Pleasure

Serving Pleasure Alisha Rai

So the theme for this month's #TBRChallenge is "Recommended Book." This one wasn't necessarily recommended to me directly, but it is recommended so often in general that I had it on my TBR pile.

Look, everyone said it was good. I knew it would be good. I did not know I would be texting my romance-friends excellent lines from it, when I was still on page 3. (In my defense: "he was so fucking gorgeous her eyeballs felt like they were being French kissed by angels every time she looked at him." HOW COULD YOU NOT SHARE THAT?!)

Rana has determined to set aside her party-girl sleeping around ways and go for a nice long-term real relationship with a man she could bring home to her mother. She goes on a date a week with perfectly nice men that she doesn't feel any chemistry with or particularly like. After working in her family's restaurant, she goes home and secretly spies on her new neighbor, an unbelievably hot painter.

Micah used to be at the top of the art world, but after almost dying in a vicious attack two years ago, he's trying to work his way back. Initially, he isn't happy that his neighbor is watching him paint, but he soon discovers he can't paint when he can't feel her watching.

Eventually they meet, she models for him, and they can't deny their attraction, but it can never be serious. Rana can't bring a tortured artist home to her mother, Micah can barely be there for himself, let alone someone else...

SO MUCH LOVE. I loved Rana. I loved her outlook on like and mostly her voice was amazing. I also loved her relationship with her sisters and how that worked (or didn't, depending). I loved Rana and Micah and how they worked through their issues. I loved Micah's parents and how they dealt with their worry. Micah's issues felt like a very authentic reaction/healing process to such a traumatic event instead of just convenient backstory for a brooding hero.

Plus, it's super hot and you need them to go together. I stayed up way too late to finish it with no regrets.

Book Provided by... my local library, but then I went and bought my own copy, so you know it's good.

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Bona Caballero said...

I want to read somethng by this author. I've seen great reviews of her work. It looks like this could be a good starting point. Thank you for the review.