Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Size 12 and Ready to Rock

I waited too long between reading and reviewing, so here's a mini-review!

Size 12 and Ready to Rock Meg Cabot

Woo-hoo! Heather Wells is back!

It’s summer at Fischer Hall, but just because school’s out doesn’t mean that Heather’s in for an easy summer. Heather’s ex-fiance and his new wife-- Jordan and Tracy, are hosting a summer camp for pop diva tweens (and, of course, filming a reality show about it.) Then the producer ends up dead with Tania as the obvious target. Cooper’s (Jordan’s brother and Heathers current fiance) is then hired to be Tania’s new bodyguard…

So, what summer vacation?

I mean, I love Heather Wells and this one doesn’t disappoint. I also like how much more depth and backstory we get to Tania in this one. It was also fun to see Heather with the tweens, as they’re… not college students.

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