Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bride Wore Size 12

The Bride Wore Size 12 Meg Cabot

For once, everyone WANTS to live in Death Dorm! Heather’s a little unsure what to make of Fisher Hall’s new popularity, but she knows what’s caused it-- the Crown Prince of Qalif, Rashid, has moved in.

Everyone wants to get close to the playboy prince! (Except, of course, Sarah, who’s livid that the college accepted his father’s huge donation to get him in, given Qalif’s human rights record…)

But when an RA turns up dead, things seem par for the course. Heather’s trying to keep peace in the dorm and solve a murder but her personal life is just as crazy-- the wedding is fast approaching and then… her mother shows up.

I LOVE HEATHER WELLS. I like how this one doesn’t focus on her weight as much. I love the university politics and Cooper’s sisters. I liked the wedding craziness and Heather's family drama. Mostly, I love the antics of Fischer Hall and how much Heather cares for the residents and her eye on their drama--not just the murders, but the day-to-day college drama of roommate fights, love, school, and living apart from your parents.

I’m so glad that Cabot started writing this series again. So much love for Heather.

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