Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Snow by Tracy Lynn

Ok, I read this one a REALLY LONG time ago and have never gotten around to reviewing it, despite how much I liked it.

This is part of Simon and Schuster's wonderful Once Upon a Time... series (I wish they'd do more of these!) and takes on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Jessica's father is devastated when his wife dies in childbirth. Not only is he heartbroken, but the surviving baby is a girl, leaving him without an heir.

When he remarries, the new duchess comes to hate her step-daughter, driven to madness by the fear that her only value to society is her beauty--something that's fading as she ages.

Jessica flees to London where she meets up with an unlikely band of creatures-- humans that are part animal, and a Clockwork Man, and it takes a pretty awesome turn to steampunk. But even in London, she is not safe from her stepmother or the allure of the comforts of her old life.

This is what I remember about the book-- the "dwarves" are super cool. I love Victorian Steampunk London as a setting. I loved the way the Duchess's treachery manifested itself-- very, very cool.

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