Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Much Ado About Magic

Much Ado About Magic Shanna Swendson

Hi All. This is the fifth book in the Katie Chandler series, so there are some spoilers for the other books. 'Tis the nature of the beast.

The first four books in this series were published by Random House. Swendson wrote the 5th book for her Japanese publisher, but it never came out here in the States until she decided to just go ahead and self-publish it. (And I am SO GLAD she did!) I asked my library to buy it, and they did, and if the holds list is anything to go by, I'm not the only one who was excited to read it.

Back in New York and back with Owen, Katie's also back on the job, this time as the Head of Marketing at MSI. But, the bad guys have turned up the juice not only with their marketing (and actual stores!) but they have a more sinister plot in mind. They're creating mischief and bad spells and also selling amulets to "protect" magical beings from them. The MSI crew is up against a lot, and no matter what they do, they're playing right into the hands of a plot that's been brewing for a long, long time and will end with Owen in jail.

Another great addition to the series. I really like how we see more of the Spellworks plot and how much higher it goes, and why it's happening at all. There are a lot more magical world politics, which is something I always enjoy. Owen's always been this super-powerful orphan mystery, and his backstory gets fully explained, which is nice. I also like the other side of Gloria that we finally get to see. AND! I almost forgot, now that Katie's the Head of Marketing, she gets her own assistant. I love Perdita. She's not a great assistant, but still useful. PLUS, she knows what magic can really do-- she's been working on perfecting all of Starbucks's seasonal beverages so she can have one (or zap one for Katie) anytime of year. Now there's a power I can get behind!

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