Tuesday, January 01, 2013

YA Reading List

I love book lists. I love reading them, I love making them. I find them helpful and interesting as a reader. I find them indispensable as a librarian.

It is with that in mind that I have created YA Reading List. I'm aiming for a cross between Nancy Pearl's Book Lust books and Anita Silvey's Book-a-Day Almanac. Basically, every day has a book list based on what's happening that day.

So yes, that's a book list a day. I've been working on this since August, and have already made most of my booklists (with room for change as I discover books throughout the year) so that posting remains consistent.

My hope is that my lists are just jumping off points and that you will add your favorites in the comments.

Please, check it out and keep checking back. I hope you enjoy it.

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