Friday, January 04, 2013

Who Could That Be at This Hour

Who Could That Be at This Hour? Lemony Snicket

When Lemony was a young man, he had an unusual schooling and apprenticed with a secret organization. Lemony purposely apprenticed himself to the worst option, thinking it would give him more time to work on a side-project, but he gets swept away to a weird town that used to be by the sea, but wasn't anymore, but still had a seaweed forest and weird times when you had to put on funny masks. There, they investigate a theft of an object that hasn't been stolen.

Like A Series of Unfortunate Events, most of the adults are clueless and just get in the way (the librarian's pretty good), but Lemony finds some kids to help. Until one double-crosses him. While the adventure wraps up, the ending only leaves more loose threads than we started with, and more questions which may or may not be the right ones and may or may not be answered.

If you're familiar with A Series of Unfortunate Events, you'll be familiar with the overall tone and mood of All the Wrong Questions. It's smart and sinister and rather odd, with a ton of references that younger readers won't understand (or even know they're missing, just as naming the librarian Qwerty.) I like that he kept all the vocabulary lessons. I am intrigued most by Moxie and Ellington. I'm not sure how I feel about Lemony as an actual character, as he still remains a bit shadowy, in spite of playing the lead.

I'm interested in seeing where this ends up going.

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