Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Woman Who Died A Lot

The Woman Who Died A Lot Jasper Fforde

I can't believe this book was out for a few months before I knew about it. INTERNET! THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU FOR!

Well, Thursday has been successfully restored to the land of reality and is slowly recovering from her ordeal. Meanwhile, Spec-Ops is reforming. Thursday wants to be head of SO-27, but instead she gets stuck as the Library Director. Now sure, in Fforde's world library staff have guns and tanks to make sure fines get paid, as well as collections budgets you wouldn't believe, but... Thursday's not ready for a desk job yet. Luckily, Goliath is trying to kill her and Aornis is up to something sneaky...

Of course, it may all be moot, as Swindon is scheduled for a heavenly smiting at the end of the week. Unless Thursday can stop that, too.

I have to say I liked this one much more than One of Our Thursdays Is Missing. I liked the focus on the Jenny mindworm plot, which has just been a minor thing for most of the series. But, overall, I like the focus on Thursday coming to grips with aging and how her battered body can't do what it used to. It's a transition she has a really hard time accepting and adjusting to. Thursday was deeper and a bit more human than she has been in the past.

That said, one of the consequences of Thursday's injuries is that she can't read into fiction anymore, so we don't get to hang out with JurisFiction in this one. But, we do get a Nancy Pearl shout-out.

Fforde's Swindon is as crazy as ever. His world is so fun to be in for awhile. I can't wait until I get to go back.

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