Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Queen of Babble

Queen of Babble Meg Cabot.

Lizzie Nichols is graduating from college, except she may have ignored a major paper she had to write for her independent major. But that won't stop her from spending her summer in England with her British boyfriend! Except, when she gets there she realizes Andrew is not what she remembered and not what she made him out to be in her head. And when she opens her big fat mouth and gets him into trouble at the dole office, she's stranded in Europe. Except... her best friend is spending the summer working at a castle in France. So Lizzie's on a train to see if she can help out. And she can, as long as her big fat mouth doesn't just make everything worse.

I love Lizzie and how she deeply cares about the people around her and tries to help them (usually with slightly disastrous consequences, but you can see where she's coming from and don't want to smack her.) It's also a fun modern take on the house-party romance theme. I also really loved Lizzie's best friend, Shari and how she helps keep Lizzie grounded. They've been friends forever and it shows.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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