Monday, January 21, 2013

A Night to Surrender

A Night to Surrender Tessa Dare.

As frequent readers may have picked up, I've rediscovered my love of Romance. However, it's a bit of a daunting genre to find good reads in, due to sheer number of books. I need some good reader's advisory in this area.

Anyway, I picked up this one because Colleen mentioned it. Romance isn't something she usually talks about, so when she mentioned it, I made sure to pick it up. It took awhile though, because there was a pretty long holds list at the library!

This first book in the Spindle Cove series. Spindle Cove is a seaside holiday resort filled with women who don't quite fit into London's society. Something about them doesn't fit the ton's notions of physical beauty. They're too smart, too outspoken. Spindle Cove offers them a safe haven, with very few men around. Susanna Finch is both the local gentleman's daughter and someone who has been treated horribly by society's expectations of women. She runs and guards the town with passion.

That all changes when Victor Bramwell arrives. 8 months ago, he was shot through the knee and has had a hard time getting reassigned to the front. His father was friends with Susanna's father, and needs his connections to get him back to the Peninsula, where he feels he belongs. Mr. Finch instead has him named the Earl of Rycliff (a long dormant title) and orders him to raise a militia. If he succeeds, he'll be sent where he wants.

The last thing Susanna wants is a militia threatening her safe haven. The last thing Bram wants is a bunch of interfering spinsters threatening his ambition.

A very fun and witty battle of the sexes. I appreciated that Bram found Susanna's brain a plus rather than an "in spite of." While both tend to forget who they are when in each other's presence (and have the tendency to do the most indecent things in rather public places) it is a very fun (and hotttttt) romance. It's also very funny. Bram comes equipped with a Rake of a cousin and some of the ladies have a rather Mrs. Bennett like mother. Then, of course, there is a pet lamb named Dinner.

A very fun book. After reading the first chapter of the next in the series that was included at the end of this book, I'm not sure I can wait until my hold comes in at the library. Luckily, the Kindle prices on the entire series are heavily discounted. ($2.99 for books 1 and 3, $3.79 for book 2.)

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