Thursday, November 15, 2012

Born Too Short

Born Too Short: The Confessions of an Eighth-Grade Basket Case Dan Elish

Life isn't easy when you're a full inch over 5 feet and your best friend is so perfect he's actually in a toothpaste ad. Matt and Keith have been best friends since forever, but sometimes Matt has to own up to the fact that's horribly jealous. He knows he shouldn't be, but...

Then one night he can't take it and starts ranting that he wishes Keith's life was a little less perfect. As the homeless guy on the corner says, "Better be careful... wishes can come true." It's just a homeless guy, but... all of a sudden Keith's life is a little less perfect and thins start going Matt's way. He didn't accidentally ruin his best friend's life, did he?

I read this one years ago, so I'm a little short of specifics, but I remember that it's hilarious. I liked the way the Elish examines how Matt can be so jealous of his best friend while still actually being his friend. It's not junior high girl drama where everyone's stabbing each other in the back. I like that it's about feelings but still very much a guy book with guy voices that ring true. Matt as a narrator is fantastic. I loved his sarcastic humor and how he uses it to mask his insecurities.

Also, at 156 pages with a small trim size, it's a great pick for reluctant readers.

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