Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dead is a Killer Tune

Dead is a Killer Tune Marlene Perez

Nightshade is having a battle of the bands! Local favorites Side Effects May Vary and Drew Barrymore's Boyfriends are up against some new comers. Moonlight and Magic features Selena, Connor and Harmony. Harmony's never been able to sing before, but she's tearing up the lead vocals now. Hamlin is a band from out of town, but their fans follow them everywhere. But when band members start acting strangely, even turning up dead, Jess and the other Viragos are on the case, with some complications. Flo's best friend may be involved, but she refuses to see it. And, Jess has been drafted to fill in some holes in Side Effects May Vary! EEP!

You have a band called Hamlin, whose fans follow them around on tour. It's not hard to see where this one is going. There are a few nefarious threads going on, and it's hard to see if they're all related or not. The different threads also throw out lots of red herrings, to keep this one fun and interesting.

I also like how Dominic is a seer and his prophesies appear in songs. I missed the psychic jukebox from the earlier books. I continue to enjoy the new track Perez has taken with this series. Daisy's story was pretty much done, but there is still so much material in Nightshade, so focusing on Jess coming in to her abilities is great and works really well.

Now, to wait another year until the next one!

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