Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow Rick Riordan

In this conclusion to the Kane Chronicles, Carter and Sadie have a desperate plan to save the world from Aphosis (the giant snake who wants to turn the world into a giant ball of chaos) but there's only a slim chance it will actually work and a rather large chance it will kill both of them in the process. But, first, there's a school dance to attend.

I continue to enjoy the dual narration between Sadie and Carter, especially with the asides and interjected comments to each other. I think this would work really well in audio and wish I had listened to this series instead of read them. I also like how Carter and Sadie are often on different missions, so you have multiple storylines to follow. It keeps the action a bit fresher and doesn't get bogged down in "and then we fought this random monster, and then we fought this demon, and then we fought this minor god, which can happen near the middle of his Greek/Roman books. Not that I don't LOVE them, but...

I think Riordan wraps the series up well (and props for only being 3 books!) but there are still some open doors, including hints at an Olympus crossover (But first, doesn't he have a Norse series in the works?)

Final Verdict: a good, strong conclusion to a fun series. If you've read the others, be sure to read this one, too.

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