Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. For some reason, writing anything (especially reviews) has become much easier if I do it longhand. This is a new development, so I've been doing lots of writing longhand and then typing it up later. This is a bit of an issue, because when I get my mojo flowing, I write quickly (I can't write as quickly as I can type) and then when I go to type it up, I have a hard time reading what I wrote. My handwriting is awesome.

2. I was going to write up some blog posts and reviews tonight but instead ended up rereading large portions of Finnikin of the Rock. As you do. I don't know how many times I've reread the entire book, and how many times I've read certain scenes over and over again. (If I had a paper copy instead of a Kindle one, I've read them so many times the spine would be broken to the those places, the book falling open to exactly where I need.)

3. New job has started their fall programming season, so storytime's back on! There will be new posts on Library Noise this week! With new songs and rhymes and new age groups! It's crazy!

4. I have a lot of blogging work to do. I feel like I've just been treading water on the blogs this summer as I've gone through some weird slumps (both reading and writing) and changed jobs. Luckily, Bloggiesta is coming very soon! And signups are starting, so you should go sign up. I'm making my to-do list!

5. I have some overdue books at the library. I should read them. But instead, I will be rereading more Finnikin. I need to reread Froi of the Exiles before the third book comes out, but I'm still conflicted about Froi. Ooo! Also, I realized that I never actually read the Lumatere short story that was in last month's Review of Australian Fiction! I wasn't in the right head space when I bought it and forgot to go back to it!! This is better than finding a forgotten $20 bill in your pocket when you put your winter coat on the for the first time of the season.

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Abby said...

Our fall programs started, too, which means the return of storytime posts! And instead of reading bloggable stuff, I have been checking out tons of adult books from the library! (And I read half of the The Diviners, which was good but Just. So. Long.)