Thursday, September 06, 2012

Emily and the Scot

Emily and the Scot Kathryn Smith

So, I had both Kathryn Smith books out from the library and didn't realize that they were related, so I read Emily and the Scot first, even though it should go second.

I liked this one more. After the scandal Richard caused in Anna and the Duke, Emily's become obsessed with playing by society's rules. Her brother created too much talk and she has too much to overcome to slip up on any rules of propriety. Despite the scandal, she's still determined to marry for love, so she turns down her friend Alexander's offer of marriage... only to find out afterwards that he had placed a wager on her acceptance on the books at White's. Horrified, she flees to Scotland and her brother Ewan's castle.

Which is where she meets Jamie, Ewan's cousin (on his mother's side, and Emily and Ewan are only related on their father's side, so it's not weird. Even though would that have been weird by the standards of the day? If they had been actual cousins?) ANYWAY.

I liked this one more because Emily and Jamie... whoo boy! They are like oil and water and a series of misunderstandings certainly doesn't help matters. The chemistry. Hotcha cha cha.

I think I liked this one more because (a) Scotland! Lovely! (b) I go more for the personality conflict between leads. In Anna and the Duke, they liked each other from Day 1. There were a TON of obstacles in their way, but I enjoy a romance where the main obstacle are the characters themselves. (Paging Lizzy and Darcy!)

Another fun read, perfect for the hot and muggy days at the end of summer.

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