Monday, August 27, 2012


You Guys, I am SO SAD about missing KidLitCon this year.

But... new job = extremely limited leave and with Yom Kippur earlier in the week, I just couldn't swing it. (Well, I couldn't swing KidLitCon AND Thanksgiving and as much as I love you all, Thanksgiving won.)

BUT! There'a s pretty good consolation prize for those of us left out of the fun. BLOGGIESTA! is the same weekend!

Have you guys done Bloggiesta before? It's a great weekend for bloggers.

Basically, it's a weekend to do all that blog maintenance and projects that you always *want* to do and never seem to get around to. I like it for several reasons.

1. I get a lot of stuff done. See how much I did last time?
2. It's not just for book/review blogs. Any blog can play. I think it's mostly (all?) book/review blogs that do it, but really, it could be ANY blog.
3. It's beyond the kidlit community. I feel that we're often in our own little corner of the book blogging world, which is why we're often like "what? people do what?" when the shit hits the fan. I like events like this where all the book people get together.

It's no kidlitcon, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm already working on my list of goals...

How about you?


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