Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sisters Grimm: Council of Mirrors

The Council of Mirrors Michael Buckley

Time to wrap up the Everafter War and say goodbye to the Grimm family-- this is the LAST book in the fantastic Sisters Grimm series. As such, it's spoiler-rific for earlier books in the series.

Mirror has taken control of Granny's body and is trying to get through the barrier. Ferryport Landing has been ransacked, looted, and reduced to little more than rubble. Uncle Jake is crazed with grief. The remaining mirrors can see only one future where the Grimms are victorious, and it involves Daphne forming a coven and Sabrina leading an army.

Sabrina's excited to be taken seriously, but she has to earn the mantle of responsibility and not just run from it.

Plus, zombie chipmunks and the end to the craziest love story ever.

A wonderful end to a wonderful series. Puck remains a perennial favorite. I love that he's the one that gives Sabrina the tough words she needs to hear to lead her army. I also enjoyed Bunny's backstory, which sheds a ton of new light on her character and motivations. I find Atticus problematic (in that way that violence against women has become a convenient short hand for "bad guy").

But, overall, a very fitting end to this series. I especially like the double epilogue.

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