Monday, July 23, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: You Just Can't Help It

You Just Can't Help It!: Your Guide to the Wild and Wacky World of Human Behavior Jeff Szpirglas, illustrated by Josh Holinaty

This is a very fun introduction to the science behind human behavior. It covers a wide variety of topics, from the effect color has on you to birth order. From dreaming to spacing out. The reader gets just enough explanation for it to make sense, but just short blurbs on each thing.

Each page spread is full of graphics and color that make this a great book for reluctant readers or one that's easy to dip in and out out. It's the design that really sold this book for me. The short blurbs of information, that all relate to each other so the reader gets a more complete picture, makes some difficult concepts much easier to understand. Coupled with fun pictures, lots of pictures, and a great use of white space, really make this book an easy sell to all sorts of readers. All of this is done without diluting the information presented.

Very fun, and very interesting, it's a wonderful introduction to human behavior, psychology, and biology that kids will love to read.

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Ms. Yingling said...

My only concern about this was that it had a sort of 90s Max Headroom look to it that might cause students not to pick it up.

GatheringBooks said...

Hmm, a psychology primer for younger readers! I like! Thanks for sharing this.