Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Underworld Meg Cabot

Picking up *right* where Abandon left off.

Pierce realizes that she does actually love John. She gets to know a bit more about the world that is the underworld. But, she has visions of horrible things happening on Earth, especially to her cousin Alex. Of course, when she and John barge in to save Alex, they have to deal with the aftermath of their exit at the end of the first book.

We learn lots more about the Underworld and how it works, also about John's back story. (Mutiny!) And about what Uncle Chris went to jail for and the back story there. (Turns out the Rectors have been a bit smarmy for generations!)

I love Pierce, although I wish she would let people finish a sentence once in a while (John, too). It might get them in a bit less trouble. But, once again, cliffhanger ending.

It's a page turner with some truly excellent new characters (Team Mr. Liu!)

It's going to be a trilogy. The first one follows so close to the second that I felt a bit out of place as I tried to remember minor details. I have a feeling that all three books will read more like one long book than three separate books that build a unifying arc. Frankly, my advice is wait until next spring when the third one comes out and then read them all at once. It'll make the intervening months that much easier to handle.

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