Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spell Bound

Spell Bound Rachel Hawkins

This is the third and final installment in the Hex Hall series. It opens with some big revelations-- Sophie's mom is actually a Brannick and many of the attacks by the Brannicks and the Eye have actually been the Casnoffs, trying to rule the Prodigium.

But when everyone gets magicked back to Hex Hall so the Casnoffs can perfect their evil plan, that's when things really start to heat up.

There was a little too much Sophie/Archer/Cal love triangle for me because (1) I never fully bought into the possible viability of Sophie and Cal as a romantic relationship. Too much chemistry with Archer. and (2) Ugh. Love triangle. Over it.

But, I continue to LOVE Sophie. Her voice is as hilarious and whip-smart as ever. I admire her strength in the face of fear and evil. Elodie continues to amuse and amaze and big bad final showdown lays everything on the line.

I also loved the running joke between the friends over who was the hero and who was the sidekick. (I mean, Jenna does have the angstier/more tragic backstory and Sophie does do all of the sarcastic wise-cracking, so I think Jenna does make a strong case for herself.)

On one hand, I'm glad that Hawkins knew when to wrap the series up and she does it well, on the other hand... I WANT MORE SOPHIE PLEASE.

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