Monday, April 02, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: 50 Poisonous Questions

50 Poisonous Questions: A Book With Bite Tanya Lloyd Kyi, illustrated by Ross Kinnard

I'm not familiar with the other books in the 50 Questions series, but this book makes me want to check the rest of them out.

This book has everything for high reader appeal-- gross out factor, easy to browse, funny illustrations, and good information.

Each chapter has several questions on a topic (such as bugs, or environmental disasters) with information answering the question, quick "foul facts" and some other related sidebars and pages. At the end of each chapter, it describes a hypothetical situation and using the information you just learned, you can guess the poison and how it was delivered.

I really like that it covered more than just natural poisons. Yes, lots on spiders and snakes and plants, but also poison gas, terrorism, and chemical spills. It does a great job of exploring some dark areas without getting too dark. It also covers large areas of time-- everything from poisons in the ancient world to modern environmental spills and the Tokyo sarin gas attack.

It's a fascinating and fun book that grosses you out without freaking you out.

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Tammy Flanders said...

50 Burning Questions is also very interesting.
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