Sunday, April 01, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

I had an ambitious set of goals. How'd I do?

First, let's talk about all the things I did that weren't on the list.

Read 2.5 books.
Folded 25 origami cranes.
Had lunch with a friend.
Got my hair cut.
Went to a birthday happy hour that turned into a girls night.
Got a mani/pedi.
Worked a full day.
Plus, there is food in my belly, my house is still standing, and my baby is still alive.
So, even without Bloggiesta, I got a lot done!

But, how'd I do on Bloggiesta? Not too bad.

Here were my goals:

Review books. I have 61 unreviewed books. I'll be happy if I review at least 10.
I reviewed 8. Close to my realistic happy goal.

Preschedule Reviews. I'd like to preschedule all of April. I'll be happy if I get next week and the week after done.
I got this week and next week kinda done! My Poetry Friday and Nonfiction Monday posts need to have the hosts filled in before they can actually post. Also, April 13's isn't scheduled yet because I want to review a verse novel that I'm not done reading yet. BUT! I have a few other posts scheduled beyond then, so yay!

Deal with my Google Reader. This involves cleaning out starred posts and reading all my unread posts. Currently, I have 2581 unread posts. I'll be super happy if I just get this under 1000, but I'll settle for reading 1000.
I read 1005, marked a few hundred more as read, and it's now down to 1690. Progress and baby steps. I didn't get finished cleaning out my stars, but I did clean out a lot of them. (Most of my starred posts are just things I want to follow up, but it's been awhile since I've gone through and done the following-up.)

Do some work on my programming blog, Library Noise. I need to write up an introduction to Toddler Storytime, come up with a post template, change some stuff on the intro to Baby Storytime, record and post a video or two, and make a rhyme page.
DONE! Ok, not the videos and rhyme page, but the rhyme page was going to be links to the videos showing me doing all my action rhymes. I didn't make any videos, but I TRIED TO. My camera was being glitchy so the audio track was a few seconds behind. But the rest got done!

I've changed my review policy on Nonfiction, but only in my head and actions. I need to get it in writing and let y'all know what's going on and why.

Change my domain registration. GoDaddy's ads are effective in that I use them because I remember they exist, but they also skeeve me out, so I would like to not use them anymore.
This is the only thing I didn't make any progress on. Hopefully this week. It's not a major deal and won't take a lot of time, it just needs to get done.

Clean up my sidebar.

All in all, not too shabby. I still have a lot of reviews to write and posts to read, but I made some progress this weekend, so I'm happy! Plus, I have really pretty toenails.

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Roberta said...


Thank you so much for announcing Bloggiesta on the Kidlit list. I signed up and had the best time. I learned a lot, too.

I am so impressed you got 8 reviews done. I managed to publish one post per blog for my four blogs. Not so great, but I did get several more started.

Your sidebar looks very nice, btw. Congratulations!

Tanya Patrice said...

Wow - you rocked it out! Bloggiesta really gave me the push I needed to get some tweaking done on the blog and I'm happy I participated too.

Kristin said...

I love how you included the things not on your original list - looks like you got quite a bit done!

I was pretty happy with what I ended up accomplishing and am already looking forward to the next bloggiesta! One of my to-do items was to clean up my google reader - I don't know that the number was when I started, but I did get through all of it and removed those that were no longer active.