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Timeless Gail Carriger

You guys! This is the LAST EVER book in the Parasol Protectorate series! On one hand, kudos to Carriger for knowing when to end her story. On the other hand, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WANT MORE!

Luckily, we have two new series coming next year set in the same world, so I think I'll be ok.

It's been two quiet years since Genevieve Lefoux destroyed large swaths of London and the Woolsey pack moved to town.

The quiet's about the shatter-- Lady Kingair arrives with a missing Beta who promptly returns, only to be murdered. Alexia and Prudence have been summoned to Alexandria by Queen Matakara, the oldest vampire. Lyall's past is catching up to him, and Alexia's father has done some very naughty things, and then there's the matter of Ivy's hats.

Alexia and her family, with Ivy and her theater troupe, are off to Egypt to flirt with mortality and get things straightened out once and for all. But, everyone has hidden secrets and then something so drastic happens that Alexia stops eating.

I love Prudence. I love how Alexia's mind work as they attempt to discover more and more about supernaturals, preternaturals, and how this all works. I love what we discover about this world right along with her. I liked the differences in Egyptian and British technology.

Lyall and Conall both take some long looks and thoughts about what happens when a werewolf gets too old and what to do about it. I like many of the changes that take place in London while Alexia is away. (I'm trying to not get all spoilery.) There was some definite OH YAY SQUEEEing happening as I read it.

I like how Carriger keeps us guessing on who is on what side and what's going on below the surface.

I'm trying not to get all spoiler-y on you guys.

I love love love love love this series. I am very sad that it's done and CANNOT WAIT to read what Carriger does next.

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