Monday, March 26, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: Start it Up!

Start It Up: The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions into Pay Kenrya Rankin

This book covers EVERYTHING teens need to know about starting their own business. Picking a business, writing a business plan, the legal stuff, balancing school + work + life, hiring employees, dealing with cranky customers, marketing, what to do with your business when you graduate high school, and even how to be a responsible corporate citizen.

There are sample forms, lots of examples from other teen entrepreneurs all in an easy-to-read and use format. This is so well done, I’d recommend it to adults wanting to start their own business. I mean, it even makes the insurance stuff sound interesting!

BUT. There are some serious copy-editing/design issues. Sentences start and when you turn the page, a new chapter begins and the sentence never ends. This happens more than once.

It’s such a shame, because this book could be truly excellent. It’s so useful and deserved so much better.

Despite the errors, I still recommend it. Just not as highly as I want to.

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Roberta said...

Hi Jennie,

I'm still working on Cybils books, too. :-)

Great job on this one.