Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fashion Kitty and the BOYS

Fashion Kitty and the B.O.Y.S.: (Ball of Yellow String) Charise Mericle Harper

Leon hates Fashion Kitty. Leon hates most things. Leon wants to catch Fashion Kitty!

Meanwhile, Kiki (aka, Fashion Kitty) is trying to help her friend Lester, who keeps having things ruined by his twin brother (you guessed it) Leon!

And it all comes to a big showdown on the day of the school fashion show!

Fashion Kitty remains a funny and fun read. This one was a bit different because a lot of it focused on Leon. Also, it was always a bit of a hybrid between comic book and novel, but was mostly comic book. This volume is much more evenly split between comic and text.

I most liked the changing relationship between Kiki and her little sister. Fans of Fashion Kitty will enjoy it.

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