Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dead is a Battlefield

Dead Is a Battlefield Marlene Perez

I thought the Dead Is... series was well, dead, with Daisy graduated and off to college and the scourge taken care of.

And it is, kinda.

Remember Daisy's BFF Samantha's boyfriend, Sean? And how Sean had a million sisters? Well, this new book is about one of those sisters, Jessica, who's starting her freshman year at Nightshade. And she's just discovered that she's a Virago-- a woman warrior who's charged with protecting her town, and under the training to everyone's favorite waitress, Flo. Plus, new hottt boys, and well, a bunch of crazy love zombies (this is, after all, Nightshade.)

While I miss Daisy and her friends, I think this was a good way to keep the series going. And, we still get a lot of the characters that we're used to. It's a little annoying because as a reader, we know SO MUCH MORE about Nightshade than Jessica does, but she'll figure it out pretty quickly.

I'm really happy that this series isn't dead. I'd still start with Dead Is the New Black if you haven't yet, but if you're a fan, rejoice in the fact that there is more!

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