Monday, March 26, 2012

Countdown to Bloggiesta!

Bloggiesta starts on Friday!

And the bloggers said, Ole! (Points to anyone who gets the picture book reference)

Bloggiesta is one of my favorite times of year. It's not as fun as a read-a-thon weekend (speaking of, did you see that sign-ups have started for the spring edition of Dewey's Readathon?) But, it's almost more useful.

Bloggiesta is a weekend to catch up on your blog.

Pre-schedule some posts.

Clean out your reader.

Change your layout.

All that stuff that you always *mean* to get around to, but never quite have time for.

I've been making a list a mile long for the past few weeks. We'll see what happens. A bunch of stuff that I wanted to get done this weekend so I'd have time next weekend didn't get done, so it'll have to get done next weekend (bathroom, me and my spray bleach, we're coming for you!) BUT, still, lots will get done. I'm excited.

Will you be joining me?

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