Thursday, February 02, 2012

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door Stephanie Perkins

Lola believes you should never wear the same outfit twice. Clothes are a costume. She's dating an older guy, a musician, and her dads don't like him (that's the worst part about having gay parents-- you get TWO overprotective fathers!) But everything comes crashing down when the Bell twins move back in next door. Lola and Cricket's weird relationship that may have been friendship, may have been more comes crashing back. Lola's birth mother shows up and moves in. And everything, everything is just wrong.


That is all.

Ok, it's not all, but seriously CRICKET BELL OMG!

So many things done so well! I love the sense of place to the point where San Francisco and the Mission are almost characters, the same was Paris was in Anna and the French Kiss. I love that Anna and Etienne are minor characters in this book (Anna and Lola work at the movie theater together, Etienne is in school with Cricket.)

I loved the character of Calliope-- Cricket's twin sister and famous figure skater. I loved the look at how her career has overshadowed and driven her family's life. I loved how close they were--Cricket's the greatest brother ever and even though Calliope can be a bit evil, she obviously truly cares for Cricket.

I loved Lola's crazy clothes and the crisis she has with them and how it resolves.

But really, I just love Cricket Bell *sigh*

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Charlotte said...

I am saving this one for when I need a non sff treat! It sounds so pleasantly escapist!