Thursday, January 12, 2012

Popularity Papers: The Long-Distance Dispatch

The Popularity Papers: The Long-Distance Dispatch Between Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang Amy Ignatow

Lydia and Julie are ready to start Middle School, only, they won’t be doing it together! Lydia’s mom’s job is transferring her to London for 6 months!

Teens need to be much more appreciative about international moving. I’m just saying.

Anyway, in middle school, Julie becomes a member of the super-popular group, but they’re actually really mean to her. Lydia, trying and failing to fit in, forms a group of outcasts but bosses them around something terrible. (So, one is bullied, one’s a bully.) Lydia’s mom dates a British bloke and their friendship experiences some strains.

I love Lydia’s enthusiasm and Julie’s comments. I love the drawings and their friendship. I love that it’s a non-issue that Julie has 2 dads. I love that Henry wanted to name their crew the Scoobies, after Buffy.

Lydia and Julie just make me happy. I bet they’ll make you happy, too.

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Katie said...

I have loved both Popularity Papers books so far - they're exactly the kind of thing I would have read a billion times as a tween. I agree, these characters totally make me happy!

Bibliovore said...

Ooo! More Lydia and Julie! I'm so happy I heard about this. Thanks!