Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gaia Warriors

Gaia Warriors

Starting with a discussion of climate change-- why it's happening, the proof that it's happening, and the effects it will have, this book then introduces the reader to several people who are working to make a difference in saving the earth.

The first part makes a clear, concise, and terrifying argument about climate change. I liked how the book focused not on things kids can do, but rather on people who are already doing things in order to inspire the readers. I also like the wide-range of people we meet. Jim Logan designs green housing. Nin Castle is a fashion designer using recycled fabrics. Holly Bruford helps make biking to school easier for London students. After meeting each person, the readers learns things that they can do along those lines to help the earth.

Where the book really stands out is design. Pages are brightly colored and patterned, fonts and font size change regularly, but it still manages to look clean and not overly busy.

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