Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clementine and the Family Meeting

Clementine and the Family Meeting Sara Pennypacker

YAY! Clementine’s back! Hooray!

And if you are a fan, that’s all you need to know.

But, I’d feel silly having that for a review, so here’s some more info:

The family meeting sign has been posted, so Clementine has to go all day wondering what she did wrong this time. Only, she hasn’t done anything wrong-- they’re going to have another baby. She’s not sure about this-- her family is perfect the way it is, why go mess it up? Add in a missing lab rat and favorite hat and the fact that Margaret’s discovered make-up (oiy vey) and things aren’t going well for her at all.

My favorite part about this one is that little Daikon Radish (do we ever actually learn his name?) is starting to be less of a baby and more of a person that Clementine’s relating to differently-- he’s his own character and starting to play a bigger role. I also really liked Clementine’s interactions with her dad-- very heartwarming and hilarious.

And, as always, her solutions to the big and small problems are off-the-wall and perfect all at once.

As I said though, all you really need to know is Clementine’s back! Hooray!

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Mary Debrick Chudzynski said...

I have read reviews of this book before, and they also pointed out Clementine's relationship with her dad. It must be very sweet!

Bibliovore said...

Oh, Clementine! That was pretty much my mental review too. Interesting point about her little brother. I can't wait to see how the actual baby will change again the family dynamic.