Monday, December 12, 2011

Manatee Scientists

The Manatee Scientists Peter Lourie

This book follows three scientists, each studying a different type of Manatee-- one in Florida, one in Brazil and one in Western Africa.

I most appreciated the sections on the Amazonian and African manatees, as those are ones we don’t hear about very often. The animals (and those who study them) face very different issues than the ones in Florida that we know so much about. Manatees are so hard to study in Africa that scientists don’t have enough data to calculate basic facts such as average size. Manatee Scientists did a great job of outlining the problems facing the scientists as well as the animals, especially in Africa where they’re often hunted. How can you tell poor people to stop hunting one of their main protein sources? (The hunters are actually one of the best sources of information about manatees.)

A great look at how science and conservation work together and a solid addition to the always fantastic Scientists in the Field series.

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