Friday, December 16, 2011

Explorers Who Made It... or died trying

Explorers Who Made It... or died trying Frieda Wishinsky

Wishinsky gives us a brief introduction to many explorers such as Marco Polo, Samuel de Champlain, Lewis and Clark. It’s all done in a very fun, conversational style. Each chapter starts with a pop quiz question (multiple choice) such as

How do you provoke a mutiny?

1. Head your ship into nowhere. (Icy, barren nowheres are particularly good at making your crew miserable.)

2. Boss your crew around.

3. Take a long a man who hates you already.

If you’re Henry Hudson, the answer is “all of the above.” There’s also a section of True and False for each person. At the end, each explorer is graded on Daring, Persistence, and Getting Along with Others (it’s that last one they tend fail.)

Cartoon illustrations and the light-hearted nature make for a good read that younger middle grade readers will enjoy. Sadly, this title is only currently available in Canada.

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Frieda Wishinsky said...

Thanks for the great review of EXPLORERS WHO MADE IT...or died trying. I hope it will be avaiable soonish outside Canada. It was such fun working on this.
Frieda Wishinsky, the author of the book!