Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dog Heroes

Dog Heroes: a nonfiction companion to Dogs in the Dead of Night Mary Pope Osborne

Confession: I’ve never read a Magic Tree House book. I handsell them all the time, but haven’t cracked one open myself. It’s a super-popular series about a boy and a girl (Jack and Annie*) who have a tree house that is also a time machine. While in the past, they have to do something in order to return home. It’s time-traveling adventure! But, secretly educational. It’s like hiding veggies on pizza.

Osborne started writing nonfiction companion titles to some of her books for subjects that she figured readers might want to know more about. To accompany Dogs in the Dead of Night, we have the Cybils-nominated Dog Heroes.

In this book we learn all about the history of human/dog relationships (did you know that we’ve been living with doggies for 14,000 years?!) and how dogs help people. “Hero” is defined broadly-- everything from Seeing Eye dogs** to Search-and-Rescue dogs to famous dog heroes, such as Balto. We even learn about every day dogs who do amazing things to help out their owners when in trouble.

Illustrated with drawings and photographs, it’s a fun book for any dog lover, or a Magic Tree House fan. Definitely towards the younger side of middle grade, it was a very quick read, but even though I, as a rule, don’t like books about animals, I really enjoyed this one and might just have to read some more Magic Tree House.

*Kids often ask me where the “Jack and Annie” books are.

**Seeing Eye dog is now a generic term, but the Seeing Eye school was the first school in the US to train guide dogs.

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